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It’s possible to put in a lifeless, flat sounding synth or vocal and come out with something that’s aggressive, in-your-face, and loaded with character. As I’ve come to expect from Softube—considered by many engineers and producers to be one of the absolute top-notch analog modeling developers—American Class A sounds absolutely incredible. Built in collaboration with experienced mastering professionals, Unsium features clean wideband compression driven by flexible multi-band detection, and extensive control over envelope and transfer curve. Whether you want to add glue or groove, shape the dynamic contours, or solve a challenge in the mix, Unisum helps you achieve your goal with precision and integrity.

  • There is however little difference between the Jobber 6 and other construction calculators when it comes to usability and practicality.
  • If your work involves dealing with several long-string numbers that Ccleaner are hard to remember, and therefore make it difficult to make comparisons or analysis on the go, you’ll love this calculator.
  • It has a recall feature that allows you to circle back to previous entries for purposes of checking for accuracies, doing analysis or just checking for inconsistencies.
  • Whether it’s converting areas and distances on building sketches and scaled maths into actual lengths and area, it is always up to the task.
  • And as if that’s not good enough, you are still left with another six extra memory slots for storing additional entries.

As well as the effects these plugin units add up to the sound, I can tell they were fully considering the work-flow simplicity and speed. I used Satson in my mix and production for John Legend’s "A Place Called World". Luckily, we’ve compiled all of our buyer guides related to VST plugins and related content.

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While I expected Softube to bring their A game with the plugin’s Compressor and EQ, I was actually most impressed with the Shape section, which offers a gate and transient controls. I’ve tried a lot of transient enhancers over the years, and this one is shockingly good—and, much like the rest of the channel strip, it is quite aggressive. API’s compression sound is legendary, and Class A delivers here in spades. This is an aggressive, massively punchy, and versatile compressor that can radically tone up everything from drums to lead vocals with just a few knob twists.

Windows users had to wait for a long time to get software that provides the same reliability, unfortunately. Luckily, there are several VST options you can pick nowadays such as Cantabile or Freestyle. It resembles the Mainstream workflow regarding visual aspects, and provides you with some advanced MIDI functionality and is specially optimized to use the least CPU resource possible. This type of VST usually provides you with the stand-alone versions that can be used without DAW.

The two new plugins promise to be a great addition to any studio’s arsenal, whether the studio has hardware EQs or is a totally in-the-box studio that sticks to plugins. That’s especially true given the fact that the hardware EQs can cost as much as $12,000 — while these plugins sit in at $200. We’ve reviewed plenty of Audified stuff before — including the U78 compressor, and TNT Voice Executor — and each time we’ve loved what they have to offer.


Feel free to review each guide and find the one that fits exactly what you’re looking for. Be sure to check back soon as we’ll be updating this page frequently. It’s a digital platform that is mainly used for audio and MIDI recording and production. VSTs are designed to be used in a DAW environment, so you can use them within FL Studio or any other DAW. It was invented to apply effects in real-time to promote the idea of using the computer as an all-in-one recording solution.

While it’s certainly capable of gentle, smooth compression, I rarely used it for this; it’s much more fun and rewarding to fire up this compressor when you want to make something really bite and punch through the mix. If I had to describe Class A in one word, it would be " huge." This plugin shapes audio in an aggressive, unapologetic way that very few channel strips do. If you’re looking for a channel strip emulation that can radically rebalance and reshape the input signal, Class A might be the best offering on the market, at least that I’ve tried.

Italian plugin developers AudioThing have come up with one of the ultimate all-purpose audio degradation tools withVinyl Strip. All Things Gear was started with one goal in mind — to be the go-to source of musical instrument reviews and information about the companies that build the products in those reviews. The Audified RZ062 plugins are easy-to-use, and sound awesome. We’ve never used the original RZ062 units, so it’s hard to say how true they are to the original — but for some that may not matter. We loved using the EQ to bring out a vocal and cymbal track, and while it didn’t blow us away on bass like it did on vocals, it still came in handy on a bass track in our testing.